Ideal IPR Protection Pvt. Ltd.

Specific Area To Expertise - IPR Protection

IIPPL enable clients to take informed decisions in identifying the parties engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and retail of their identified brands from the roots level to the top. Through our network IIPPL detect the persons/firms indulging in the menace and identification of the premises where the printing/pouching/manufacturing and distribution is taking place .To counter check the information, IIPPL collect samples of the spurious products to confirm the involvement .After confirmation of the involvement, we also organize purchase of spurious goods, if required by the situation, to know the modus-operandi of the unscrupulous persons/firms. IIPPL always try to penetrate inside the nexus to know about the day to day activities of the indulging persons/firms. IIPPLWe also prepare grounds for successful criminal action against the indulgers by collecting evidences. IIPPL collate and analyze an extensive range of covert intelligence gathering and overt confidential information to deliver accurate, comprehensive and timely intelligence to our clients and then IIPPL organize successful raids with the help of Police resulting in seizure of incriminating material and arrest of the accused persons.

Phases in IPR Protection

IPR Protection process is broadly divided into four key phases:

Detection – Market Intelligence driven research to determine the availability of your BRAND. Samples gathered and their status verified.

Identification – Supply Chain identified through dummy commercial transactions.

Curtailment – Conducting raids with the help of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Prevention – Market Watch.