Ideal IPR Protection Pvt. Ltd.

An Overview - IPR Protection

Accelerated globalization in the last two decades has resulted in a rapid increase in cross border trade and commerce. Emergence of developing economies as profitable production centres and subsequently as new markets has contributed generously towards the profits of world’s leading corporations. These new frontiers have also given rise to new challenges for western businesses, none greater than differences in ethics, legal systems and business practices. This is especially relevant for brand owners operating around the world. The same determining factors that contribute towards the lure of these new markets are also driving the risks that brand owners encounter. Cheap labour, sophisticated production facilities and mass markets have acted as the determining factors in a considerable increase in counterfeiting in these markets. The scenario is almost the same across industries and keeping a vigil on the supply chain has emerged as an industry in itself with various compliance and trademark issues that need to be addressed on a constant basis. Some of the operational issues, especially pertaining to trademark infringement, include regular audit of production facilities, surveillance of the production-distribution logistics and in-market investigations of counterfeits.

Availability of fakes can cause various reputational challenges for the brand owners including loss of revenue, negative publicity and even litigation. This problem is highlighted further by increasing reports pointing towards possible involvement of terror organisations in funding, running and securing counterfeit industry. IIPPL is having a with team of workers who have understanding of the key emerging markets and are aimed to provide the expertise required to tackle this problem. IIPPL’s team having thorough understanding of Indian markets and strong operational experience and capabilities provides an option of taking the fight against infringement to the perpetrators operating in multiple jurisdictions in India.