Ideal IPR Protection Pvt. Ltd.


IIPPL Works within the parameters of the local laws, utilising the various law enforcement entities and, operates on a number of enforcement levels. Depending on the nature of the product and the type of sales channel through which it is processed, IIPPL is able to provide the full range of investigative services to identify manufacturers, importers, validate distribution methods, establish sales outlets, conduct point of sale test purchasing, analyse goods and qualify these as counterfeit and follow through with litigation support. Working at a higher level (focussed on manufacturers, importers and distributors), IIPPL conduct all of the background analysis on suspect individuals and companies who, through a network of agents, are identified as possible counterfeit traders. Having gone through the full investigative process and conducted test purchases we will provide the complainant statements that are utilised to obtain search and seizure warrants raiding establishments from where it is known that counterfeit goods are being manufactured or distributed. Working with the relevant law enforcement units IIPPL identifies, seize “bag and tag” evidence and ensure this is lodged at authorised counterfeit goods storage depots/ police stations. IIPPL work with the authorities to ensure statements are obtained from all involved, photographic evidence is produced and all evidence is subject to the rules for ensuring the continuity of evidence. Photographic evidence of the destruction process is obtained for the client.